1644: Birth of Vit Janeczek

The baptism record for Vit (Vitus) Janeczek from May 1644 is the earliest recorded mention of the Janecek family. This record is significant for multiple reasons:

  • This record establishes that the Janeczek family was living in Týnec as early as May 1644. From this evidence we can also assume that Jakub Janeczek and his ancestors were likely residents of Týnec or one of the surrounding villages that belonged to the Horažďovice Estate even before 1644. As a peasant farmer, Jakub Janeczek did not have freedom of mobility. The only way Jakub Janeczek could be from another area is if the Sternberk family moved him to Týnec from another estate they owned.
  • Historians describe the Thirty Years War as a “civilization reset” event. The Kingdom of Bohemia paid an extremely high price during the war. There are estimates 50% of the population of Bohemia died from war, famine, and disease. There are also estimates that as many as 75% of the farms were vacant and left in various states of disrepair. Nearly all vital records, particularly for peasants, prior to the war were lost or destroyed. This baptismal record is only the 9th baptism recorded in the Maly Bor Roman Catholic Church parish records since the return of record keeping.
Baptism Record of Vit Janeczek
The baptismal record from May 1644 of Vit Janeczek, son of Jakub Janeczek and Anna Janeczkova of Týnec. The baptismal record is the first record on the left page.

Item 17 May

Baptisatus est filius nomine Vitus cuius parentes pater Jacobus Janecek, mater Anna ex pago Tejnic. Compatres Henricus S????er Joannes Ge?a?bek Commater Anna ?efsi?.

Also 17 May

Baptized the son with the name Vit whose parents are the father Jakub Janecek, mother Anna from the village Tynec. Godfather Henricus S????er Jan Ge?a?bek Godmother Anna ?efsi?.