1792: Tomáš Janeczek Assumes Ownership of the Farm

Tomáš Janeczek, as the youngest son from Jiří Janeczek’s first marriage to Žofie Holíková, appeared in segnorial court in 1792 to assume ownership of the farm.

Note: Jiří Janeczek married a second time to Barbora Straková and had 6 more children – for a total of 15.

Tomáš Janeczek assumed ownership of the farm almost 20 years before his father died. Jiří would become a výměnkář. There is no English equivalent for this concept. The closet concept is a retirement with a reverse mortgage used as a pension. In this situation, Jiří gives ownership of the farm to his youngest son Tomáš. In exchange, Tomáš provides his father and his wife a place to live in the farm house, feeds and clothes them, and provides them with an annual stipend.

A new entry of Tomáš Janeczek from the village of Týnec

On 2nd October 1792 Jiří Janeczek from the village of Týnec took the stand before the land register and in the presence of Matěj Švec, councilman from Týnec and also of Jakub Štětina, citizen from Horažďovice as witnesses, and because of his decrepitude and because of whatever possible future disputes amongst his children, he does not want to manage his farm anymore, so he asks to get this farm called Janečkovský and situated in the village of Týnec # 3 with all the belonging lots, i.e.

arable fields                            36 Jiter 1552  Sahu

meadows and gardens           5 –         1349 –

forests                                       4 –         1280 –

also with farm and household equipment and furniture assigned and submitted to his legitimate and youngest son Tomáš Janeczek for hereditary ownership and with duties in the following way. The father Jiří Janeczek stipulates his full right to remain a farmer on the same farm till his death, but if he passes the farm because of serious reasons on his successor, then the new farmer Tomáš will be bound to take decent and respectful care of his father and also of his mother, serve them food at his table, provide them clothing and all necessities till their death. Moreover there are also a supplement money for his father, but in case his father Jiří Janeczek passed away earlier than his mother Barbora, then the future farmer is not bound to pay down these 50 guldens to his mother, but only let her live in his house and take care of her as it is pointed out above and also give her benefits every even year

Grains: 2 strychs of rye, 2 strychs of barley, 2 věrtels of wheat and 1 strych of peas till her death, and after the death of them both (his parents) he is bound to arrange them a decent funeral on his own expenses.

Further duties:

the new farmer Tomáš Janeček is bound to repay the following shares of his brothers and sisters, i.e.

to his brother František in cash                                  40 guldens

1 pair of  oxes for …….                                                   60 ..

1 cow – ……                                                                       20 …

1 heifer – …….                                                                    8…

Also he ought to get three sheep and a decent wedding.

The newly built house on the farm belongs to his brother Josef for hereditary ownership, moreover the new farmer is bound to pass on him:

1 field called Na loučkách

1 field called Na Břenském

1 field called Na illegible

1 clearing called Na Břenském

2 věrtels          561 ◻ sáhů

2 –                    500 ◻ sáhů

2 –                    903 ◻ sáhů

2                      653 ◻ sáhů

to his ownership till his death and death of his children, but after their deaths these lots will belong again to the farm, Josef is bound to pay taxes of these estates.

His brother Vojtěch, who already obtained a built house and has everything else also settled up, will get till his death and death of his children following lots, which he, Vojtěch is bound to pay taxes of:

A field called Na dílci

A field called Na stráni

2 věrtels

2 věrtels

To his brother Matěj, who is married to Soukupovský farm in Malý Bor and who has also all settled up, belongs from this farm as his share

in cash …….                                                                12 guldens


To his brother Václav in Vlkovice, who has also all settled up, the new farmer is bound to pay down his share

in cash …..                                                                  12 guldens


Total ..             202 guldens

in cash …….                                                                12 guldens

To his brother Václav in Vlkovice, who has also all settled up, the new farmer is bound to pay down his share

in cash …….                                                                12 guldens

Total…….                                                                202 guldens

gul.        kr.

Total .. 202 ..

His sister Mařena married to František Kroboštovný in Velešice, who is also settled up, gets also as her share …………

His sister Johana born to Karel Šmrhov in Břežany gets from the farm as her share

His sister Josefka, now 12 years old, gets her upbringing and provision of this farm till her adulthood, and also her wedding and as a dowry one cow, one heifer, 4 sheep, 2 oxes

and in cash ……..

all this she gets and will get from the new farmer.

The new farmer Tomáš Janeček is bound to pay down the above mentioned shares of 12 in annual instalments of 1 gulden and 30 kreutzer and moreover his parents bequest to the poor treasury

total amount    267…

3rd) The new farmer Tomáš Janeček is bound to pay down all the roayl duties belonging to the farm: i.e. tax and another potential land taxes according to the seignorial decrees. There is also the imperial capital of 3 guldens 49 kreutzer that would be annually paid down with 6% interest, and also the old grains rest consisting of:

10 měřice, 1 věrtel, 1 ½ achtl of rye and 1 gulden and 7 ½ kreutzer: 11     44 ¼

1 měřice of barley                                                            46 kreutzer      –           52 ¼

18 měřice, 2 věrtels, 1 ¾ achtls of oat

for new rest 15 měřice, 2 věrtels of oat and               27 ½ kreutzer  15.       42

At least once a year a tithe is going to be given to the tax granary.

4th) there are another seignorial and another common church duties that belong to the farm, i.e.:

  1. a) a corvée labour according to the assesment of the corvée decree: 3 days a week with a pair of horses, with a good cart and tools, and also from the Day of St. John till the Day of St. Václav 1 day a week of the pedestrian corvée with a proper groom;
  2. b) a fixed interest to the seingorial accounts annually in cash on the Day of St. Georg and on the Day of St. Havel in the amount of 3 guldens 34 kreutzer
  3. c) a tithe to the vicar of Malý Bor: 2 věrtels of rye, 2 věrtels of barley and 2 věrtels of oat, of the old big Prague unit, is going to be and will going to be provided.

This way, the above mentioned Janečkovský farm

12 ..     dt

12 ..     dt



40 …    dt


1..        dt

is submitted to the new farmer Tomáš Janeček to his own use and to hereditary ownership and his entry is proven by registering into the land books, that could be inserted with the approval of the Horažďovice High Office even without the presence of the parties.

The involved parties made their own signatures:

Tomáš Janeček                                                                      Jiří Janeček, father

the new farmer                                                                        the old farmer

Matěj Švec, a councilman

and witness

Josef Štěpaník,

a witness


The above written land entry is word by word inserted and accepted into the land books, namely by the Horažďovice Seignorial Office, in the book of Týnec rychta, page 2i. Therefore this is proven and confirmed by the power of the Office. It happened in the Horažďovice Higher Office on 17th March 1793.


Cs: František F. Graf.

a high officer

Thereafter he pays down:

1793    to his brother Matěj Soukup in Malý Bor

1794    to his brother František in cash …..

1 pair of oxes for …

1 cow „…..

1 heifer -„…..

to his brother Václav in Vlkonice …

1795    to his sister Marina ……

1796    to his sister Johana ……

1798    to his sister Josefka ………

1800    to the imperial capital ……

to his sister Josefa ……..

1802    to the poor treasury ……..


Closed on 26th May 1850

12 gul. ….

40        -„

60        -„

20        – „

8          -„

12        -„

12 .      –

12 …

20 gul.      Rest 20

3 gul.   49 kr.   –

20 gul.                         –

1 gul. …           –