1798: Josef Janeczek Builds Tynec 17

Josef Janeczek, the third-oldest son of Jiří Janeczek, builds Týnec 17 on the property of original farm (Týnec 3). Josef and his father Jiří received permission to build the house from the seignorial office. This record outlined the solemnizing of their agreement, specifically the obligations Josef incurred to the estate with his ownership of the house.

Land Book - 1798 - Josef Janeczek - Tynec 17
1798 Land Book Entry for Josef Janeczek Týnec 17

House Number 17

Janeczkovský Cottage

Entry of Josef Janeček from the village of Týnec

The below quoted year and day Josef Janeček showed up in the seignorial office in presence of a councilman Matěj Švec from the village of Týnec and told that he with a permission by the illustrious seignorial office and with a help of his father built for himself a cottage # 17 on his father’s Janeczkovský farm in Týnec.

Then he with all humbleness asked to register the entry for this cottage.

Therefore the mentioned cottage and belonging garden with less than 1 měřice of seeds is passed on Josef Janečkovský as his own with following duties:

  1. a corvée labour according to the assessment of the corvée decree, each year 13 days of pedestrian corvée with a proper groom
  2. fixed interest to the seignorial accounts annually in cash on the Day of St. Georg and on the Day of St. Havel in the amount of 20 kreutzer
  3. and finally fulfill all the municipal tasks and duties together with other cottagers, also be always sincere and obedient serf.

This happened in the Horažďovice castle, 12th June 1798.


+++ Josef Janeček

new owner

Jan Brejcha, witness

+++ Jiřík Janeček

+++ Matěj Švec, councilman and witness


Note: See Contract book, letter A, page 676, there is Josef Schwehe as the owner of this cottage.