František Janeček Marries Maria Chárová

How František Janeček met Marie Chárová is unknown. Marie immigrated with her family to the United States in April of 1890. This is almost 2 years before František arrived in New York in October of 1892. However, it is quite plausible that František met Marie prior to leaving Bohemia.

The Chára family were also from Plzeň region of Bohemia. Like the Janeček family, the Chára family farmed in Bohemia for generations. Their farm was located in the village of Řesanice located only 15 km (10 mi) north of Týnec. This of course opens up infinite possibilities:

  • František may have met Marie prior to the Chára family leaving for America – it could also have been part of his reason to immigrate to America.
  • A member of the Janecek family could have known about the Chára family and suggested František connect with them when he arrived.

It is just as possible that that František was living in the same Bohemian neighborhood in New York City and where he was introduced to Marie.

Regardless of how they met, on October 21, 1894 – almost 3 years to the day that František set sail from Bremerhaven – he married Marie Chárová. František and Marie married in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church. The church was located on the upper east side of New York City at 321 East 61st Street.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church 1894
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church was organized in 1886 for Catholics from Bohemia. The church was located at 321 East 61st Street in New York City; an area with a large Bohemian neighborhood.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church served the Bohemian community with both Czech and English language services until its closing closing on Easter 1998. The archdiocese of New York planned to take the church down and replace it with a home for retired priests. However, the land was eventually sold and an apartment complex is planned for the site.

Marriage Certificate - Frank Janecek and Marie Chara
1894 Marriage Record - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church Parish
The 1894 parish records from Our Lady of Perpetual Help in New York City. See the first record for the marriage of Frantisek Janecek and Marie Chara.